About us

Hunting is an acceptable social, ecological and cultural activity that contributes positively to the conservation of wild populations and their habitats, and benefits society, – European Charter for Hunting and Biodiversity.

Over the past four years of work aimed at protecting the interests of hunting facilities, the "Association of Users of Hunting and Fishing Grounds" (Web-site) team gained invaluable experience. Since 2014, the Association has developed and submitted to deputies amendments to legislation, participated in the development of concepts of reform of hunting economy, analyzed the experience of European countries. The Association is constantly published in specialized media, provides comments to the materials of the national mass media and plots of TV channels, sent an appeal to all authorities and analyzes lawmaking activities.

On the basis of the Association, we united like-minded hunting grounds from 7 regions of Ukraine who believe that hunting in Ukraine has the potential and seek to change the existing unsatisfactory situation in the industry. We believe that one of the brightest achievements of the Association is the combining the efforts of the hunting community in 2017, which allowed managed to approve permits for hunting, including the permits for the hunting on elk. By submitting more than 50 appeals to all branches of authorities and receiving more than 30 responses, having hold four peaceful protest actions under the Ministry of Natural Resources, the National Academy of Sciences (twice) and the Cabinet of Ministers (you can familiarize yourself here http://ahf.org.ua/uk/news/542-foto-ta-video-zviti-miting-kabmin-06-09-17), participated in four meetings with representatives of the authorities, we have achieved the cancellation of the 25-year ban on elk hunting and adherence to the requirements of the laws.

However, the results obtained during the painstaking and long-term work of the Association proved to be insufficient. In order to increase the influence of the hunting community on the reform of the hunting industry, we have established the All-Ukrainian Hunting Union, which unites not only users of hunting grounds, but also hunters, commercial and public organizations involved in hunting. From May 2018, the All-Ukrainian Hunting Union continues the affairs of the Association, connecting a wider range of specialists to an experienced team and creating 17 separated subdivisions.

Our goal is to force the authorities to reform the hunting industry, focusing on better European and international experience, in accordance with the Principles of the European Charter on Hunting and Biodiversity. The hunting industry of Ukraine should function in the interests of its participants - users of hunting grounds, hunters and all those involved and not indifferent to it, and not serve the interests of officials, and not promote the realization of the dreams of anti-hunters and "eco-deputies" regarding the closure of hunting.

We strive to create favorable conditions for the development of the hunting industry and hunting in Ukraine.

To do this, we set ourselves the task of initiating and participating in the improvement of the current legislation, which will be an impetus for reforms in the hunting industry in favor of its participants, of promoting proper preparation of candidates for hunters and strict adherence to the hunter's ethical code on their part, of improving the image of hunting in the Ukrainian society, to facilitate the implementation of measures for the reproduction and rational use of animal and plant wildlife.