Sumy hunters destroy the occupiers Photo by Maxim Naumenko

Sumy hunters destroy the occupiers

In one of the villages of the Okhtyrka district in the Sumy region, three hunters with smoothbore rifles went into battle with five Russian soldiers armed with machine guns.

According to the men, at about 11:00 that day, part of the Russian column retreated through the Okhtyrka region. Most of them were tanks.

According to local residents, after the heavy tanks were lined up, five cars drove to their village. They moved in the following order: BMP, two refuelers, sanitary "KAMAZ", closing was another BMP. In front of the village, the Armed Forces of Ukraine defeated this column in addition to the last BMP. But, straying from the road, this light tank got stuck on the roadside. Twelve Russians jumped out of the BMP and started shooting at peasants to seize private cars. They looked into the yard. As a result of the shelling, two civilians were killed and one car burned. Approximately, the Russians took away three cars. Disoriented, the occupiers drove in the direction of Lebedyn in two cars, and the third headed towards the village in question. There were five Russian servicemen in the car. Four had submachine guns, one had a machine gun.

One of the locals warned fellow villagers by phone about the approach of a car with armed Russians. Three hunters ambushed uninvited guests across the bridge over a local river. A 62-year-old hunter from the first shot hit a Russian soldier who was driving a stolen car. The vehicle flew into the reservoir, four Russian servicemen escaped from it, one of whom was wounded. Shooting, the Russians retreated to a nearby village, where they hid on a farm. There they were captured by the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. None of the hunters were injured.