The Second All-Ukrainian Hunting Forum presented the "All-Ukrainian Hunting Union"

For the second time, the Rivne region gathered all those who are not indifferent to the fate of the hunting industry, as well as lovers of active recreation, to the All-Ukrainian Hunting Forum.

The Second All-Ukrainian Hunting Forum was held in the village of Susk on the basis of the hunting and sports club «Sokol». An important component of the Forum was a roundtable in which the "All-Ukrainian Hunting Union" was introduced.

Participation in the round table was hosted by the Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Hunting Union Sergey Androsyuk. He acquainted those present with the strategy of the "All-Ukrainian Hunting Union" and noted that the main goal of the hunting association is to protect the rights of users of hunting grounds and hunters, initiate changes to the existing legislation and develop new legislation that will take into account and protect their interests.

Civil servants, leading scientists and representatives of public organizations took part in the discussion of the acute problems of the industry. Participants stated the need to unite all those who are not indifferent to hunting - only through joint efforts it is possible to defend our right to hunt and achieve the reform of the hunting industry in favor of hunting grounds and hunters.

After a fruitful discussion, the participants of the forum were waited by an active entertainment program – contests of gamekeepers, "Hunting Shooting", an exhibition of hunting goods and much more.

We thank the organizers for their contribution to the unification of the hunting community!

A small photo report from the Hunting Forum: