LTD "Trypillian hunter"

Member of union
Type of activity:
  • Hunting base
Administrative regions:
Kyiv oblast
  • Kaharlyk raion
Director: Geraskov Sergiy


Hunting in 45km from Kiev - is hunting ground "Trypillian hunter".

On the territory of 50 thousand hectares held collective and individual trophy hunting wild boar and European roe deer, hunting field game and waterfowl, fur-bearing animals. training dogs for wild boar in the pen.

On the territory of "Trypillian hunter" is a hunting lodge with private facilities, kitchen and dining room.

Phone: (097) 920-71-54
Phone: (095) 064-84-57
Phone: 04573-5-45-06

Territory size: 49.4 kilo ha.
Juridical address: Budivelnykiv Str.6, Ukrainka, Kyivs'ka oblast, Ukraine
Actual address: Lesnaya Str. 2, Kagarlyk city, Kyivs'ka oblast, Ukraine